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FC a commeth

So AS many of you all know I make a yearly trip out to FC Well this year is no different :) Kit cougar and I will be Staying at the Fairmount hotel in our own Private room this year and hope to see you all there.
Im super excited to be DJing at FC again this Year and I have sets on Thursday night from 1-2am and Sunday night from midnight to 1am in the Club section... Yes my friends that means you can drink at my shows so long as it's the club and not just the stage downstairs :D
Lastly and not least My Friend Sorin Kat and I will be Having a fun little Get together on Friday night around 8-10pm doing a beach themed party with tons of tasty Rum Beverages like mojitos, rum and cokes and the like so feel free to ask what room we are holding it in Thursday or Friday.

Hope to see you all there *hugs*
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