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Moving Day!!

It's moving day and lucky I don't need the rats of N.I.M.H. to help me out :p But seriously Kit and I took two truck loads over to our new place Thursday last week and we have about 2-3 more total runs to make and well be moved out of my current apt and into a very nice home with some other furs in highlands ranch.
Wont take too much effort there's about 1 run of big stuff, the bed, entrainment center and the like. then finishing up all the little stuff for one too two more runs. Also we have until the 17th to fully move out of our current place so we should have about a week to 5 days to clean out our old apt as well :)

I hope everything calms down after that, and I can get of this F'ing 3rd shift soon too GOD I hate this shift with such a holy passion I'd destroy a small country full of innocent people to get off it... :p

*big hugs and cuddles*
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