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Some times I think I should just explode and walk away form everything .... except my job.

I do not have the life I want right now and that is a huge problem.

That being said I am going to try to make it better starting today.
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Being a slut

So twitter has been nice for being a slut as far as updates to my life @freefox303 but I think I want to add something here for more substantial updates!

Well I now make 55k a year as a tier 3 tech with Viawest that's a 10% raise every year since I started there back in 2008 and I still love working there.

I am now an entry level DBA (database administrator) it's really fun work and it keeps me on my toes!

Im still with kit (my Husband) he's amazing still I love him more and more each day!

I gained a ton of weight back and am at 280 again :(
But Im starting to get back in to healthy eating and exercise so we'll see how that goes!!

I'm back on wed-sat shifts :( it sucks for a social life however I can say the following towards it.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
I will be a DBA!!!

And on that note I am off to bed maybe :p

Love you all *huge Hugs*

I only want the best for my friends!!!!
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Greatest day in the last year for me!

Kit cougar told me he loved me today...


I love you very much Kit with all my foxy heart *hugs and kisses*

Be the days long or short, difficult or easy, I will be here for you with love, and understanding, always.
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Fuck Fuck Fuck!!!! so I had to call out sick from work today for the first time in 2years and 7 months... not because I feel bad, because of fucking pink eye... fuck!
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Doing some thinking :)

Hey all just a quick update... I was wondering if y'all know any artists that were currently open for comissions? I just realized that I havent paid a furry artist for a comission in a long time and that I dont have any pics of my charcter in undies.... somthing I need to correct soon :p

P.S. way too horny to get any real work done today cant wait to get home :D
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DJ ing plan...

So it looks like I will probably feel the crowd out both nights and see how best to get everyone moving though I may decide to go more chill Thursday if I have a small crowd and do my electro on Sunday... We'll have to see

My suggestion if you want to come see me DJ attend both nights :p I will have great music both nights regardless of which one you are attending *hugs*

Hope to see you all there cheering me on *nuzzles*
huge foxy hugs
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FC a commeth

So AS many of you all know I make a yearly trip out to FC Well this year is no different :) Kit cougar and I will be Staying at the Fairmount hotel in our own Private room this year and hope to see you all there.
Im super excited to be DJing at FC again this Year and I have sets on Thursday night from 1-2am and Sunday night from midnight to 1am in the Club section... Yes my friends that means you can drink at my shows so long as it's the club and not just the stage downstairs :D
Lastly and not least My Friend Sorin Kat and I will be Having a fun little Get together on Friday night around 8-10pm doing a beach themed party with tons of tasty Rum Beverages like mojitos, rum and cokes and the like so feel free to ask what room we are holding it in Thursday or Friday.

Hope to see you all there *hugs*
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Huzzah no more graveyards!!!

SO today marks the first day of me moving to second shifts I no longer am among the living dead of the third shifters. Gone is my fear of the Day Star, and the deep dark cirlcles under my eyes it's a brand new day and Im loving it!

*Super big hugs and nuzzles*

P.S. If your going to FC this year please look for me at the dance I will be DJing again this year. I'll announce the time and day when I find out!
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Umm so yea :p

So I went out yesterday and purchased my first pistol or firearm for that matter. It's a Ruger 9mm SR9c. I cant wait to go try it out at the range tomorrow.

Have a great rest of your week all.
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Moving Day!!

It's moving day and lucky I don't need the rats of N.I.M.H. to help me out :p But seriously Kit and I took two truck loads over to our new place Thursday last week and we have about 2-3 more total runs to make and well be moved out of my current apt and into a very nice home with some other furs in highlands ranch.
Wont take too much effort there's about 1 run of big stuff, the bed, entrainment center and the like. then finishing up all the little stuff for one too two more runs. Also we have until the 17th to fully move out of our current place so we should have about a week to 5 days to clean out our old apt as well :)

I hope everything calms down after that, and I can get of this F'ing 3rd shift soon too GOD I hate this shift with such a holy passion I'd destroy a small country full of innocent people to get off it... :p

*big hugs and cuddles*
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